Our Values


We collaborate with churches, local communities, and other like-minded organizations to develop culturally-relevant solutions.


We are committed to lifelong learning amidst our staff and field partners.


We exist to serve, and, in our service, to develop servant leaders


We seek holistic transformation in the lives and communities in which we serve.


We steward resources with radical transparency and accountability.

Local Ownership

We value movement towards greater local ownership, and therefore seek consensus in decision-making.

Christ Centred. Child Focused. Church Led. 

Hope Story serves vulnerable children around the world by empowering local communities to provide basic care, education, and community outreach that strengthens families and transforms lives.

Reflecting on Christ’s example, and drawing upon our collective passion and experience, we partner with local churches and faith-based organizations to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs so that children can reach their full potential. Our desire is to strengthen communities from within by developing local leaders who will effect lasting change.

In a world that is often unfair and unjust to children, we believe every child should be equipped with the faith, knowledge and skills to build a better future. 


See HOPE STORY's Faith Statement

Where We Work

We work and support projects in nine different locations around the world: Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Lebanon, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Nepal.

The Church

In our efforts to serve children, we partner and empower local churches and communities. We work through the Church, both in Canada and internationally, because we believe the Church is the Hope of the world. In the countries we serve, the Church is often better organized, equipped and motivated than any other institution to meet basic needs. As a result, the ministries we’re involved in vary significantly depending on the context.

For example, in Kenya, we work with a church-run initiative called “Creation of Hope.” Creation of Hope is providing housing, food, and education to over 120 children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Where children have lost both parents, and do not have a family member able to care for them, Creation of Hope provides a loving home. Where orphaned children do have a relative willing and able to care for them, Creation of Hope provides basic tuition and other support to keep them healthy and at school. Children are trained in the Word, are discipled by staff, and attend a local church.

In Tanzania we work with a local church planter who started a church and a Christian English school among the Digo people of Northern Tanzania. The Digo in this part of Tanzania are extremely poor, both materially and spiritually. They are 99 percent Muslim. When the School was originally established, Pastor Matinya faced a lot scrutiny – even threats from the community. Now that the School ranks among the top schools in the district, families line up for days just to get registered. Not only are children receiving a top notch education, but these children and their families are embracing the Gospel. Lives are being changed for eternity.

Not only are we providing kids with shelter, food, and education, but we are also working to address some of the root causes of poverty and abuse. In Guatemala, Hope Story has hired social workers to work both with young victims of rape and abuse, and also to work their file alongside local judges to ensure these precious young women see some form of justice. Our heart is to see girls, by the grace and healing of their saviour, rewrite their personal story.




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