Finding Hope in Lebanon

Finding Hope in Lebanon

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Abdul's Hope Story

Abdul* and his siblings came to Dar El Awlad three years ago. His family had just arrived in Lebanon, fleeing the horrific rule of ISIS (now ISIL or Daesh) who had taken control over the territory where Abdul’s family had lived. The family left with almost nothing, hoping to find refuge in Lebanon.

Abdul was a very shy and very serious boy, who carried with him memories of things children should never have to see. While he had some knowledge of Arabic, he had very little in the way of formal education.
It took time to break through the wall he hid himself behind but, over time, he became more comfortable with staff. He valued the Christian faith that was on display all around him, and loved the Christians who were influencing his life, but he was very reluctant to participate in any form of praise and worship.
The teachers—who have a soft spot in their hearts for this overly serious young man— began praying for him in their personal devotions. They desired to see Abdul follow Christ before he left the school and prayed that God would give him a future of good and not of evil.

Earlier this year, the staff at the school wrote to say that “the angels in Heaven rejoice with us as [Abdul] has accepted the Lord and even shared his testimony with the school at chapel.” 

The staff continued, “He even shared the news with his father, which is a really huge thing for a Muslim boy to do! Pray that God will hold him in the palm of his hand.”

Abdul is writing a new Hope Story--one that has the life-saving and life-transforming work of Christ at its centre. We thank God, who met Abdul in His time and who is working in this young man’s heart.

* Name has been changed to maintain privacy

Moving Forward

As is too often the case in war, it's innocent children that have borne the brunt of the Syrian conflict’s disastrous consequences. Many have been forced to flee their homes and have seen things that no child should ever have to witness; these images will undoubtedly forever impact their lives.

We know we cannot change the past--we cannot change what these children have been through--but we can help these children move forward. In a world where they have seen so much violence and hatred, these children need hope for a brighter future. A part of being able to move forward is being able to let go of the past.

This past semester a YWAM team partnered with Dar El Awlad and The Oasis to offer reconciliation and forgiveness training for students. The goal of this program was to offer tools and resources that would help these students confront their past and challenge them to let go of any bitterness that might be festering in their hearts.

The students have proven to be eager learners. Their little minds have soaked up this training and, when coupled with the Bible classes they take, they are being introduced to a whole new paradigm of love and forgiveness—a very different worldview from what they have previously encountered. 

“They are like sponges, soaking up the stories and songs that teach us about this amazing God of grace, redemption, and hope for a future. Our prayer is that once the conflict has ended, these families will return to their country carrying a message of healing and forgiveness” says field director Joseph Ghattas. 

In order to live in a world at peace, it first takes individuals who are committed to living at peace with others. That is a hope story for these children and for the world at large.
The school now has a volunteer counsellor who comes to work with the students once a month.

Other Stories

Omran's Story

"They teach us how to love others...I thank God for everything they teach us". Omran, age 13, tells of the hope he has found at The Oasis after leaving his life in Syria.

                                               Watch Omran's Story»

Increasing Numbers

For refugees in Lebanon, life in this new country has meant both safety and sacrifice. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of displaced peoples, the doors to public education in Lebanon have...

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We are happy to share video stories with you, however we do ask that you refrain from sharing the above video on your personal social media. 
Prayer Requests:
  • With the growth in the number of Syrian refugee children there is a desperate need for skilled, Christian counsellors to work among the children in each of our programs. Both Dar El Awlad and The Oasis are in need of more teachers, primarily teachers with special education training.
  • Pray for peace and restoration in the countries currently afflicted by war
  • Pray for the student’s that leave these programs' care. Pray that they continue to follow after God and seek His direction for their life.
  • Please pray for new donors to come alongside, partner with, and help grow these programs. 

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