Celebration Fund

If you wish to do something special for your sponsor child’s birthday or Christmas celebration, contributing to the celebration fund ensures that your sponsor child will be part of a wonderful celebration.

How Does the Celebration Fund Work?

Your celebration fund donation helps toward the purchase of a gift for your sponsor child, which is locally bought and given by our field program staff.
Any remaining funds will help to cover the costs of a group party and/or gifts for other children who did not receive celebration fund donations.
In this model, your contributions have a far reaching effect, allowing every child to celebrate on their birthday & Christmas.

Can I Send a Gift?

Children love receiving Birthday/Christmas cards, postcards, letters, photos of your family and/or pets, stickers and/or bookmarks.
In order to keep administrative costs low, please note that only small, flat paper based products (no larger than 6x9 inches)
will make it down to your sponsor child. 

Other Ways to Celebrate a Child's Birthday

To help make your child's birthday extra special, you can pray for your sponsor child and/or send a special occasion card to Hope Story at:

Hope Story
55 Fleming Drive, Unit 3
Cambridge, Ontario
N1T 2A9

Donate to the Celebration Fund

For more information on child sponsorship, please visit our FAQ page


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