School kids at lunch in Gampela.
School kids at lunch in Gampela.

Burkina Faso Spring Update

Burkina Faso, Gampela Centre

In 2012 Pastor John Tandamba had the vision to develop a school and a church in the impoverished outskirts of the country’s capital city, Ouagadougou. More than 400 students now attend this thriving school up to grade 9. The Gampela Centre also offers pastoral training, a medical clinic, and regular church services through Grace Evangelical Church; and it also houses a pre-school attended by over 300 children, plus the addition of a new vocational school.
Published June 7, 2021, < 1 min read.

Burkina Faso is facing challenging times right now. Over the past two years, more than a million people have been displaced as a result of terrorist activity in the country. Thankfully, Gampela itself is relatively safe, given its proximity to government troop presence. And the School continues to expand!

  • Three high school classrooms are under construction so that children do not have to leave Gampela to attend a Government school after grade 9.
  • The vocational school (you can also call it a trade school) has just completed construction phase I. It will help boost the community’s capacity to rise above poverty.
  • A clinic is being outfitted to provide medical care to the local community and 700+ kids at Gampela. Right now, a nurse works in the clinic. Thanks to to a recent on-site government assessment, a doctor can soon join the clinic.

The dream of building a vocational school is coming to life. The sewing class, taught by Pastor John’s wife Louise, is a little crowded in its temporary space, so we are thankful that the completion of phase one of the building is done. The School will teach sewing, weaving, and masonry in phase I, and eventually electrical and welding too, if the Gampela Centre can get enough electricity access.

John and his flock – Grace Evangelical Church – have also been offering food relief to vulnerable families, as many suffer from displacement and loss of work related to COVID-19.

Please pray for...

The church’s witness in their community.

The health of staff with a current risk of malaria.

That many more will come to the Grace Evangelical Church and be saved.