Our Impact Model

We walk alongside the local church and its engaged congregation, helping them to support children, families and their communities in the following ways:


• Educate vulnerable children by partially or fully subsidizing tuition according to need

• Train teachers to grow the capacity to educate

• Vocational training programs for children and youth

• Supporting pastors, managers, and supervisors in their personal development as leaders


• Support nutrition through food programs

• Treat illness

• Offer counselling

• Engage in mentorship

• Celebrating birthdays, holidays, and milestones


• Discipleship opportunities for children and families

• Family home visits

• Community volunteering initiatives

• Engaging families in church and community events

• Parenting seminars, and practical family support


• Water projects

• Agriculture projects

• Vocational training at the community/ adult level

• Community events

We believe in working with the local church because:

• it is a local community with hearts for serving the poor

• the local congregation is aware of the local context and needs of the community

• the church is committed to walking with the community in the long-term

• the church is mobilizing local support for the outreach and local engagement in the work through volunteers, local church collections, and local donors

• together we can serve more children in need than either of us can on our own

• Jesus Christ came to offer us new life, restoring all aspects of our lives as His beloved children. The church is able to offer a spiritual community within which one can participate and grow in relationship with Jesus.