Launch a Christian High School in Tanzania

Champion hope for at-risk teens by launching the Amani High School!

We need to equip this brand new school so it can open its doors in January 2022 - that's in just 4 short months.

Your gift today will give girls and boys in this impoverished community an option beyond teen marriage, fuel youth to pursue their goals, and transform the future for the vulnerable children we serve. These aren't just desks and textbooks. They are stepping stones and building blocks for boys and girls.

$20 - Fill a pencil case and provide a student with a Bible
$97 - Provide a student with library resources and textbooks
$143 - Classroom furniture and blackboards & whiteboards, per student
$241 - Give one child the gift of science lab equipment and supplies
$1,040 - Complete setup for a student entering his/her first year of high school
Other - where most needed to launch the Amani High School