Nepal Fall Update

In Nepal, the lockdown began in March, suspending all school programs. All of the children were required to stay in the home, and while restrictions have loosened slightly, parks and schools remain closed.

The SARA Church also had to close and must remain closed by regulation as of this drafting in late October. Pastor Tej has been running small services out of his home, but only about 10 can attend, and most cannot connect virtually. As in many places, tourism has ground to a stand-still, while food and cooking fuel prices increased, partly due to border closures and trade delays between India and Nepal.
Still, there is much for which to give thanks. SARA Ministries staff have been very thoughtful in their creation of a schedule for the 35 children currently residing in the homes. They start the morning with devotions and physical activity, set 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. aside for schoolwork with a break to eat, and have allocated time for games, play, evening devotions, self-study, as well as an hour of T.V. in the evening.
Living together in a community (as a boys’ home and girls’ home) has been helpful for the kids in many ways as they can maintain some social life with one another and even have their own Sunday services. There was, however, one major difficulty for the kids: their classes had moved online and were accessible only via T.V. stations or online streaming. With just two computers across all 35 children in primary school and high school, most children could not participate in their classes.
Hanna, second from right, leads the girls in a variety of crafts and activities.

We shared this need during a live webinar. One generous family came forward to purchase internet, five computers, two televisions, and a projector allowing all 35 kids enough access to do their homework and to view their classes in groups according to their age. The response of the kids has been pure joy!

Hanna, Tej’s sister and the leader of the girls’ home, expressed her appreciation. “I thank God, and I want to thank you for providing the televisions and computers. The children are so excited,” she shared, “I also see their progress already - some of them didn’t even know how to open the computer,” Hanna giggled.

Pastor Tej also shared his excitement. “Most of the children cannot type. Now, they are learning to type and use Microsoft Word and Excel. Many children living outside of the home wouldn’t have this access, so this is a real blessing for us,” he shared.

“I go to the boys’ house twice a week and support them in their devotions and guide them and support them in their online learning,” Hanna shared. “They share their problems with me, and I listen.”

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In the photo below, standing in the back centre of the board with a checkered shirt is Sunil. He comes from a very poor family from west Nepal and does not know his father. His mother is an alcoholic and was unable to care for him.

Sadly, it is relevant to share that Sunil came from the Dalit caste (the caste that is so low it does not fit into the four-caste system), and although the law of today in Nepal rejects the caste system, the reality is that discrimination persists. As a child, during the civil war, an explosion seriously harmed Sunil’s hearing, which has proven more difficult in the past year. Tej shared that Sunil will visit the doctor soon.
A local pastor encountered Sunil when he was 15 years old, and saw his need and potential. He asked SARA Ministries to support Sunil in his education. Sunil is many years behind his peers in school, but through encouragement and prayer, he has found the motivation to continue.
Sunil (now 21-years old) is in grade 10, and recently completed a driving course. Soon he can attempt his full driver’s license. He also helps around the boys’ home with meals and will sing during devotions.

Please keep Sunil in your prayers as he explores options for his hearing and presses forward towards completing his high school education. He is pictured below with his driving certificate!


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