Zambia Fall Update

Our three church partners in Zambia are mobilized to serve vulnerable children in the population centres of Mongu (western Zambia) and Livingstone (southern Zambia). With more than two-thirds of the country living below the poverty line, ministry teams search the neighbourhoods for children in need, often giving from what little the congregation has while also praying with struggling families. Thanks to people like you, at the beginning of 2020, children were receiving literacy support, food packs, and bible lessons. More than 350 children were provided with school fees – allowing many kids to attend school for the first time!

But COVID-19 changed so much. Churches and schools were forced to close in March. Airports were shut down. The city of Livingstone, home to the world-famous Victoria Falls, has been crushed by a lack of tourism. Almost 500,000 jobs are in the tourism sector. Overall, 7% of Zambia’s GDP is dependent on tourism, and Livingstone is responsible for a large portion of this. Most hotels closed entirely.

“The difficulty has been not only economic but also psychological,” explained Deacon Amos of the Calvary Church. In our African culture, attending a funeral is in our blood, but there are strict limits on attending such ceremonies, and restrictions around church services and other social gatherings at large have been hard on the community.”

“For some families, it has meant children could not eat every day. If you eat today, you will not eat tomorrow,” said Amos. Yet, by your kindness and generosity, the Calvary church was able to distribute food baskets to the vulnerable families of all children supported in their education through the church! Praise God!

Benny, a retired police officer and volunteer coordinator with the Mongu Evangelical Church, said this: “the churches are normally the last hope for many vulnerable children and families – members and non- members alike. There are knocks at our doors day and night by those seeking help, and while the church itself is struggling, support through Hope Story has helped us to fulfill God’s desire to care for his sheep during this difficult time.

thank you for your support."

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This is Joseph. He is 11-years old and in grade 5. He has two sisters and one brother. His father is elderly and unable to work physically. The support of the church community has been essential to the family’s ongoing survival. Older brother Bernard (twenty-one) is the family’s only source of income – about $23 per month. This has to cover rent, food –everything. For this, he goes to the market and sells what he can of fried sausages, biscuits, and roasted groundnuts.

It is thanks to the support of people like you that Joseph has been able to attend school with lunch, and now finally, he has been able to return to school! Joseph likes to play soccer in his free time and wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

Tapiwa is a 4-year-old girl who attends the preschool run by Calvary church, serving 45 children before COVID-19 forced its closure. She lives with six siblings and a single mother in a one-room unfinished house.

Tapiwa and two of her brothers are sponsored through Hope Story, enabling them to attend school and receive food packs. Already, Tapiwa has impressed the teachers with a natural aptitude for learning. “She is one of the best students we have,” shared one of the teachers, “and will have a bright future if she remains in school.” It is a future of hope enabled by your generosity.

Reverend Imasiku, of LCC Church (our third church partner), also had much to say in appreciation. “We are grateful for the support from Hope Story – it has lightened the burden of the congregation as many families are looking to the church for help,” he shared.

All three of our church partners have continued to distribute food baskets to struggling families in their community, as well as the families of children in our sponsorship program.


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