Specific Needs & Projects

Direct Your Gift

Sometimes we feel called to reach out to a particular need or community project. Each of us has unique gifts and callings, and we encourage you to seek out the church community outreach, or area of impact where you feel inspired to impact the lives of children and families. Thank you for being a part of our passionate and growing community of outreach. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call!
Support Where it is Most Needed
Support a Specific Partner or Country
the gift of opportunity

Tuition: Help Kids Go to School

Offering children hope means offering them the opportunity to learn and to fulfill their potential. We have already witnessed orphan children possibly headed for a life on the street become teachers, bankers, pastors, and electricians to name a few, impacting their community and their families.

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Combat disease

Water: Support Clean Water Projects

While giving food and household essentials is often necessary to avoid malutrition and illness, giving a sustainable source of clean water is an important part of countering the cycle of starvation by staving off disease, and maintaining a water source for crops and livestock.

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Fight hunger

Breakfast and Lunch Programs for Students

Without a full belly it's hard for children to learn. It's hard to imagine witnessing a child crying each day at school out of hunger, but sadly for some children, this is the reality. Without basic nutrition, vulnerable children cannot rise to their best self.
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be a visionary

School Builds

Invest in the infrastructure around which a church community, local families, and teachers can rally in the united goal of offering their children a path our of poverty through education. Invest in community transformation.
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Give tools for life

Vocational Skills Training

Impact a community in a sustainable way through youth and adult training programs, offering those without higher education employable skills, and a long-term path out of poverty for themselves and their families.
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Impact Innumerable Students

Teacher Training & Development

It is not enough to offer a child a text book. If we want them to learn and become their best, we have to inspire learning using a variety of evidence-based teaching methodologies.
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Show them someone cares

Celebration Fund

Help children celebrate their birthday or Christmas. Especially as many orphan children do not know their birthday, reminding them of their value and worth as a person is an important part of helping them reach their potential.
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Invest in leaders of tomorrow

Post-secondary Scholarships

Let children reach their potential. As these students become doctors, teachers, engineers, business-people, mechanics, etc., our hope is that they will stay to build their communities up; they will be the leaders of tomorrow.
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Help them follow their heart

International Teams

Support an individual you know (or perhaps who you don't) who has decided to travel to one of our partners in the field - sacrificing their time, gifts, and talents to support those in the field and to grow as a person.
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Highlighted Projects

Long-term community impact

Amani High School Build, Tanzania

Help us build a high school for the children of Pande, Tanzania. Despite a huge lack of education in the area, the Amani primary school is now among the top 10% of schools in the country. Help us continue that transformation for this community.
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Give them the tools

Gampela Vocational School, Burkina Faso

They have a vision to transform their own community, and enabling youth and adults to develop a sustainable future for themselves is an important part of that. Help them help themselves through vocational training.
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Give them a place to turn

First Nations Youth Drop in Centre

Led by First Nations elders of New Hope Fellowship Church who long to be a light in their city to youth in need. They are seeking your support to expand their youth drop-in from one night per week to six.
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