Evening of October 23, 2020

Virtual Keynote Address

Bahati Mutabesha

of Malawi

In the wake of the Rwandan genocide, Bahati’s parents and siblings – 10 in all – were brutally massacred by neighbours he knew well. Bahati ultimately wound up in Dzaleka, one of Africa’s largest refugee camps. There, Bahati established a peacebuilding and discipleship movement, which, over the past decade, has become a church of more than 10,000 members. Bahati will share about the fateful day he locked eyes with one of his family’s killers – a new and unexpected arrival at the camp – and about his efforts to establish a school for some 6,000 children who have no alternative for education.

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Special Guests:

Child Sponsorship Graduate

Creation of Hope, Kenya Program

Musical Guests

The Commissionaires (soul-roots-gospel)

Including singer-songwriter Jacob Moon and Newworldson’s Joel Parisien

More details to come. If you have questions please email