Tanzania Trip

Notice: Hope Story has decided to cancel all upcoming trips for the safety of our teams and partners. We continue to monitor travel advisories in Canada and abroad.

Join us in August, 2020

When you choose to join us on a trip to the Amani School in Tanzania, you can expect to play a key role in supporting the ministry of the Amani school. The encouragement and support that your presence will bring to the workers and the children is critically important. You will have an opportunity to use your skills and talents to support the school, whether it be through teaching and sharing at the school, using your experience to help move a project forward, collecting important data on outreach progress, or sharing your faith with members of the community.
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Our work in Tanzania

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Canada - Tanga

11 Days

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Zanzibar - Canada


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August, 2020

In order to transform a nation, we must reach the next generation of leaders. Hope Story and our partners in Tanzania are committed to doing just this. We believe that if we are able to provide for the most vulnerable children, those that have little access to education, nutrition and basic care, and endow them with the knowledge and understanding that God loves them and has a plan for them, they will unlock the potential to grow into church and community leaders. In order to accomplish this important work, Hope Story has partnered with the Africa Inland Church in Tanga, Tanzania, to support the Amani Christian School. In the midst of an impoverished, predominantly Muslim local population, the Amani School provides high quality education, as well as nutritious meals and Christian teaching and mentoring to the kids who are most in need.

Tanzania is a large country in East Africa on the shores of the Indian Ocean. There are a huge variety of people groups and religions in Tanzania, and an equally large variety of flora and fauna. Perhaps best known for the mighty Kilimanjaro mountain, and the spectacular Serengeti National Park, Tanzania possesses incredible natural beauty - both in its geography and its people. While Tanzania has experienced a long time of peace and stability, high levels of poverty and lack of access to quality education still abound. The Amani School’s mission is to provide quality education to kids who would not otherwise be able to access it, and to deliver this education with the love of Jesus. This is where we need your help.