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After-school Homework & Computer Tutoring

$210 - $630
Gift Item # 2221
Sometimes at-risk kids in Zambia delay starting school or miss a year or two here and there. Give a child a boost for academic success.

Be a Champion of Hope for At-Risk Children

Gift Item # 2521
$348 today helps equip a church to provide support for at-risk families in their community. This is a community-building approach to creating a healthy environment where children can thrive.

Be a Monthly Giving Champion of Hope

Gift Item # 0321
Be a Champion of Hope through monthly giving!

Help Where Most Needed

$35 - $250
Gift Item # 0121
A gift to help where most needed will champion hope for at-risk children by helping us to equip our church partners in seven countries.

Hope & Care Fund for Orphans in Kenya

$8 - $200
Gift Item # 0521
NEW! Equip the staff at Creation of Hope to meet the daily needs of the nearly 80 orphaned children who call this place home.

Keep the Doors Open at New Hope in Thunder Bay

$50 - $500
Gift Item # 0421
Your gift will help provide full-time staff support, mentoring, and recreational resources for at-risk teens in Thunder Bay, ON.

Sponsor a Child

Gift Item # 0221
A struggling child will begin to thrive when provided with the building blocks for success in life: education, health, community support, and discipleship.

Sports Evangelism

$27 - $327
Gift Item # 1721
A witness to the community around the Amani School in Tanzania, and a way to mentor young men and minister the love of Christ.
When you designate a contribution for use in a particular program, we will honour that designation, with the understanding that if the need for such a program or project is met, your gift will be used where most needed.