Kenya Winter Update

Kenya, Creation of Hope

Creation of Hope, located in the rural town of Kikima, Kenya, has been taking care of orphans living on the street, as well as other vulnerable children in their community. They have been providing support through education, nutrition, spiritual nurturing, and emotional needs since 2009. Currently, nearly 80 orphans live at Creation of Hope – with several hundred children served in total. The outreach is also supported by Kenyan churches.
Published January 10, 2022, 3 min read.

Anita Walters (long-time champion of Creation of Hope, along with husband and Canadian children’s author Eric Walters) recently provided an update on Creation of Hope to her newsletter list which had so many wonderful updates, we wanted to share as much as we could here!

“In many ways so much has remained the same [at Creation of Hope], as both staff and residents continue to follow safety protocols to carefully and successfully navigate the many risks associated with the global pandemic. Activities are limited, church services are held on the property rather than in a community setting, and school attendance has been possible off-property only when it has been deemed to be safe. Since March of 2020, there have been very few visitors as the regular opportunities Canadians used to have to visit the Creation Hope program have not been possible, of course.

However, with vaccinations and care, things are opening up a little in Kenya. After recently reading Eric’s picture book entitled “My Name is Blessing,” Eric was asked by two young Canadian women who currently already teach at a Christian school in Nairobi, whether they could visit the Creation of Hope project. And they did! On Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, they drove up to Kikima and had an amazing visit with Ruth and the team. Jocelyn, one of the teachers, said:

We had an amazing time with ruth, her family, and the children in Kikima. Rachel and I were both blown away by the scenic views on the way there. How incredible is god’s handiwork? Ruth was such a welcoming host. We enjoyed hearing her story and learning more about the centre.

Rachel and Jocelyn
Ruth, shown here with visiting Canadian teachers Rachel and Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Rachel plan to return and are hoping to be able to provide some special support to the orphans at the residence! We are grateful for their visit, their interest, and that connections to the wide world are starting to be re-established.

One of the unique features of Creation of Hope’s approach is that, with the support of both Sponsors & Educational Sponsors, we have been able to give each student the ability to reach their highest educational potential. Pursuing such opportunities can be expensive and demanding, but the investment in higher education is well worth it, as it provides the best opportunity for students to reach far beyond their circumstances and have a chance at significant life opportunities. This year four students went to college. Ruth writes that each was taken to their institution and admission was ensured before they were left to settle into their new life and surroundings. These are remarkable transitions for orphaned young adults from Kikima – now equipped to branch out into a much wider and more challenging world to gain further education.

We are proud of each one of them and grateful for the opportunities they have been given – by you!

And there is always such a sense of joy and accomplishment as news comes back about how these young adults are now doing.”

These fertilized eggs are waiting their turn to go into the incubator. When the baby chicks hatch, they will be given to a “Chicken Project” group member to be raised. In just a few months the chickens will be old enough to lay eggs.

With rural poverty in Kenya at over 61% – even before the pandemic – far too many vulnerable children and families are at risk of poverty and malnutrition. But a family with chickens can earn extra income and have a source of nutrition. The residence at Creation of Hope cares for orphans full time – and we often share stories of the great work there. But Creation of Hope also reaches a great many vulnerable, impoverished children in their community, and “The Chicken Project” is one more way to champion hope for at-risk children in Kenya. It’s an ambitious, sustainable project, and one that Hope Story is proud to support!

Please pray for...

The success of the new Poultry Project – that children and families living in vulnerable circumstances will benefit from this new small business opportunity

For the mental health of young children still living with some pandemic restrictions.

For those older kids who have gone off to college and university, that in these ‘different’ times they will still experience the enthusiasm of learning.