Lebanon Summer Update

Lebanon, True Vine Church

True Vine Church is committed to community outreach in the city of Zahle, Lebanon, a city which sits within sight of the mountains that Syrian refugees cross when fleeing violence in their country. And while so many Syrians have found respite here that possibly 1/3 of Lebanon’s population is comprised of Syrian refugees, Lebanon has been dealing with its own crisis: an economic one with a tsunami of social consequences. This church is faithfully ministering to all its neighbours: new and old.
Published June 29, 2022, < 1 min read.

In Lebanon we see a nation in utter crisis tackling the many challenges of serving as the front line of the Syrian refugee crisis and simultaneously dealing with a catastrophic collapse in their own currency. And perhaps you remember the 2020 Beirut explosion – making a difficult situation worse.

One experienced outreach church member says, “In spite of everything, Jesus can give hope.”

But God is at work here in a mighty way, and the church had an incredible start. A gang of youth who felt that life seemed empty started asking questions about faith. They approached one believer who in turn asked other church members for help and out of that, impromptu Friday night gatherings started. Over time, True Vine Church was established, rooted in that moment.

People have lost so much in Lebanon, and the Church’s ministry is more important than ever. We are hearing stories of domestic abuse that appear closely tied to economic strain. True Vine’s outreach team brings food – extras like eggs and bread in addition to the highly organized monthly relief program – when they visit people who are struggling and suffering. And they share the Gospel if the person they are visiting wants to know more about Christ.

As our work in Lebanon grows, we will have more to share with you.

Please pray for...

God’s care and protection

the community, that more people will be drawn to accept Christ

the team’s energy

About True Vine Church

True Vine Church was started as an outreach church helping vulnerable Syrian families and now does all that plus outreach and food relief to their fellow Lebanese countrymen, many of whom are going without even the basics for survival.