Nepal Winter Update

Nepal, SARA Ministries

Pastor Rajan (a pseudonym), who lost his mother at age 5, founded SARA Ministries, hearing God’s call to reach out to vulnerable children. SARA Ministries provides a home for children who have nowhere else to turn, enabling them to attend school, stay healthy, and develop their faith. Other vulnerable children in the community also receive education support, and through SARA Church, the children participate in vibrant youth groups and Bible studies.
Published January 11, 2022, 2 min read.

The children at SARA Ministries were finally able to go back to school in person this fall, after an extended period of pandemic lockdowns – only to find that colds were circulating with a vengeance! So, although that was tough, the children had become veritable experts at health & safety and have been taking steps to limit the spread of all these colds.

Bible study remains a core element of life at SARA, and the boys are following a Bible self-directed study course, starting with Psalms and Proverbs. They memorize a new verse each day and recite it to the group the next day.

“I have struggled for my education myself…and when I become a teacher, I will provide underprivileged children with hope.”

Anjila* lives at SARA Home in Nepal, and has such a wonderful ambition for her future. She will become a teacher to ensure that she can look out for children who are going through tough times, like she did.

Orphaned at a young age when her mother passed away, Anjila’s father remarried a woman who did not have room in her life for a stepchild. One of her grandmothers stepped in and tried to care for the unwanted stepdaughter, but perhaps dealing with her own health issues, she struggled to take care of her granddaughter. Anjila was in poor health and far behind in her education when she came to live at SARA, where she was lovingly welcomed like a new daughter.

What a difference love and care and attention – and being wanted – have made in Anjila’s young life. She has a knack for computers, and is doing well in school.

When we say “there is hope for every child’s story” we are thinking of children like Anjila who have so much potential in life, and intrinsic value in God’s eyes. Thank you for sending hope!

*Name changed for child’s privacy

Please pray for...

Pray for a health and safety for the children, as they return to school where colds and flu abound.

Pray that the children may grow spiritually in faith and in their faithfulness to God as they grow.

And the folks at SARA ask us to pray for a joyous Christmas this year!