Child Protection Policy

On December 8, 2011 Bill C-22 came into force: an Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service thus helping to protect children from online sexual exploitation.

An earlier Bill, Bill C-27 included an amendment to section 7 of the Criminal Code of Canada to allow the criminal prosecution in Canada of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who travel abroad to victimize children (either foreign or Canadian) sexually, whether for consideration or not. Since 1997, if a Canadian citizen or permanent resident engages in any of the sexual exploitation offences enumerated in s.7(4.1) of Bill C-27, whether or not that offence is deemed to have been committed in Canada, they are subject to Canadian prosecution. There is no statute of limitations on these offences. It is also possible to be prosecuted in Canada for an offence for which the accused has already been acquitted or convicted in the country where the offence was committed. There is no double criminality requirement on these offences.

Hope Story adheres to high standards of interaction with children, and expects the same from staff, missionaries, interns, volunteers and board members. 

We ensure that any and all such individuals:

  • Are knowledgeable about our child protection policies and agree to implement best practices to safeguard children from abuse.
  • Have access to our ‘Guide to Reporting Child Abuse’ document along with a reporting form so they are knowledgeable in how, and to whom, to report concerns about possible abuse.
  • Respond appropriately and quickly when abuse is discovered or suspected.
  • Are aware of immediate and appropriate government legislation and organizational policies that govern his or her interactions with a child and the consequences of the offence.

Hope Story aims to provide additional protective measures due to elements in its Sponsorship Program to protect children (18 and under) and donors from unwanted solicitation or potentially harmful conduct by:

  • Monitoring all correspondence sent by sponsors to children for appropriate content.
  • Strictly limiting the distribution of health and family information that is personal and sensitive.
  • Requesting our sponsors to handle the pictures and information of child in a respectful, sensitive manner.
  • Discouraging sponsors from making direct contact with our children, their families, or people in their community outside of Hope Story channels
    • This includes contact via email, phone, mail or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • If such an action occurs, donors and/or child are encouraged to make Hope Store aware of such contact immediately, and refrain from replying to their message. Please note that once a child has departed the program, Hope Story will no longer act as a mediator between a former sponsor and sponsor child.
  • It is of utmost importance that sponsored children and donors realize the dangers of beginning this kind of communication, and clarification should be sought out if required.

For further information about our comprehensive Child Protection Policy, please contact us at


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    Child Details


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