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Child Sponsorship through Hope Story facilitates a relationship. It’s a relationship between you and the child, but it’s also a relationship between the child and the church. As a result, each outreach is unique. The support offered to each child is attuned to the local context and local needs as determined by the community itself.

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This is how you can become a sponsor

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This is how you can become a sponsor

1. Connect with us

Give us a call at 1-866-839-5437 or fill in this form.

2. We'll connect you with a child

We'll help match you with a child in need. See children here.

3. See your sponsored child grow.
We'll send you annual updates specific to your child.

Our Commitment to You

85¢ from every dollar
donated by child sponsors goes directly to the food, education, and support programs for the vulnerable child you sponsor
Low Administration
15¢ from every dollar allows Hope Story to ensure strong accountability and regular site visits by Canadian staff, and to facilitate sponsor communications.
Keeping You informed
We commit to providing regular updates from the child you support in the form of personalized communications and progress reports.
Focused on Need
Your support is directed to helping children overcome poverty. We do not discriminate based upon individual backgrounds or beliefs.

Meet Joshua

Boy | Kenya | Born March 23, 2004
Joshua's mother passed away from HIV complications in 2018, leaving him and his sister to live with their grandmother, who is supporting three other grandchildren. This grandmother is struggling to support the children by selling items at the market from time to time. Joshua is a shy child who enjoys social studies at school and playing soccer. He finished his 'standard six' year at school near the top of his class and shared that he aspires to be a lawyer when he grows up.
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See the impact of sponsorship

We thank you for being a blessing on our lives - you have been a blessing to the community. We thank God for bringing such people into our lives. Because of you, you have made it possible for us to go to school.
Timothy, Zambia, currently sponsored child
Hope Story has been our help. In terms of clothing - that’s why even today I can say I’m thankful. Paying our school fees, caring for basic needs and everything. I thank you sponsors back in Canada!
Willi, Kenya, previously sponsored child, graduate of Masai Technical Institute in supply chain management
I had the opportunity to travel alongside my grandfather, and long-time supporter of Hope Story, to the Amani School in Tanzania, Africa, to visit his sponsor child. I now know that every little bit helps, and I am making a difference.
Megan, Canada, Child Sponsor

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