Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

How much does sponsorship cost?

Child sponsorships are recommended to start at a minimum of $39 per month. If you are able to sponsor for a greater amount or sponsor multiple children, your impact is greatly multiplied.

If I miss a donation, or if I'm unable to continue my sponsorship, will my sponsor child go without?

No. Hope Story's sponsorship program provides you with an opportunity to provide a child with life-giving necessities, and to interact with them on a personal level. However, to avoid the preferential treatment of some children over others, your giving is pooled with that of other donors to ensure that all children in a particular program are well provided for.

How do I set up my sponsorship payment donation?

Donations can be set up via credit card, pre-authorized debit transactions or cheques on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To change your payment method or to update your financial information, please contact us by phone at 1-866-KIDS (5437).

Will I receive an official income tax receipt for my donations?

Yes. Annual tax receipts will be sent in February at the email address you provide, unless otherwise requested.

How can I be sure that my money will be spent responsibly?

Hope Story is a certified member of the Canadian Christian Council of Charities (CCCC), and as such, we undergo a rigorous certification process on an annual basis. Our CCCC Seal of Accountability means you are able to give confidently and generously toward your child.

How are children selected for sponsorship?

The eligibility of each child is determined by doing an individual assessment of the child’s family income, living conditions and overall situation.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Our hope is that you are able to experience a long-term relationship with your sponsored child. The length of your sponsorship is dependent on many factors such as:

  • Graduation/Completion has been achieved by the child in the program
  • Unexpected departure of child from the program due to family circumstances
  • Unforeseen circumstances that hinder sponsorship giving

In the event that you do have to cancel your sponsorship, please let us know at your earliest convenience so we can update your giving preferences.

Will I be the only one sponsoring my child?

You are individually connected to one child and their family. However, due to our holistic approach to child and family care, differing living and inflation costs per country and other variables, the sponsor to child ratio varies by ministry site according to their financial need. For more information on the sponsorship ratio at your child’s ministry site, please contact sponsorship@hopestory.ca

How is sponsorship care through Hope Story different?

As a Christ-centered ministry, we seek to foster the physical, mental and spiritual growth of a child. It is our hope that children be restored and transformed through the love of Christ, as many have experienced pain and suffering. We strive to help children thrive at home, at school and in their community by encouraging them to learn and grow in their faith as followers of Christ.

What do I receive when I become a sponsor?

You will receive a welcome package in the mail containing a photograph of your sponsored child, a photo magnet frame and information containing your child’s name, age, family circumstances, and other information that may be of interest. In addition, you will also receive an introductory email with similar information.

How often will I hear from my sponsor child?

Each year, you will receive an updated photo of your sponsored child and a progress report, detailing his or her overall spiritual growth and development. Although children may write as often as they like, some may write more often than others due to having more than one sponsor, being too young to write or may not know how to correspond in English. If this is the case, you may receive a response written by a teacher or facilitator on your child’s behalf.

Can I write to my sponsor child?

Yes! Writing is a great way to foster a wonderful relationship with your sponsor child. When you write, please include the full name of your sponsor child and their ID number in your mailing envelope.

What should I include in the letters to my sponsor child?

Children love receiving Birthday/Christmas cards (no larger than 6×9 inches), postcards, letters, photos of your family and/or pets, stickers and/or bookmarks. Children love to learn more about their sponsors and share about themselves. However, please be sensitive to the child’s economic situation and avoid discussing material possessions. Please note that only flat paper based products will make it down to your sponsor child.

Can I send an email or mail directly to my sponsor child?

As part of our child protection policy, we ask that all correspondence be sent via our office to be screened for appropriate content. In efforts to protect both children and sponsors, children are also prohibited to connect directly with sponsors through social networking sites, by direct email or phone. However, we encourage you to send an email message to your child through our website. Email messages are received more quickly by field staff who will then deliver them personally to your sponsored child, as many children do not have a postal address. Online letters that are sent with photo attachments will be printed in-office and sent as regular mail to protect the quality of the printed photos.

What happens after I send mail to my sponsor child?

After your letter arrives, it will be reviewed and translated before being delivered to your child. It may take some time to deliver your letter and receive a response but rest assured your child will be smiling from ear to ear when they receive it.

Can I visit my sponsor child?

Visiting your sponsor child can be a valuable, fulfilling and an educational experience for a sponsor. Please contact mobilization@hopestory.ca to inquire about an opportunity to meet your sponsor child.

Can I send gifts to my sponsor child?

If you wish to contribute financially to your child’s birthday or Christmas celebration, donations can be made to facilitate the purchase of small gifts. Gift donations are recommended to be between $15-$25. The purchase of such gifts is then coordinated through the program's Sponsorship Field Director to be given in the most appropriate way.

To contribute toward your child's celebration fund, please email sponsorship@hopestory.ca to authorize a one-time donation for a specific amount to be withdrawn from the existing banking information we have on file for you. Otherwise please feel free to donate online or call our office at 1-866-839-5437 to inquire about making your donation via alternate means.

Have a different question regarding sponsorship?

If you have additional questions about our sponsorship program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-866-839-5437 or email us sponsorship@hopestory.ca, we would be more than happy to help address any further concerns.


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