Stories of Hope

We believe in the need to draw on collective passion and experience in order to effect lasting change. That's why we maintain a strong storytelling approach when sharing information about our partners and the children's lives we work to transform.

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Rajendra’s Story

January 29, 2020Rajendra was found living in a landlord’s (or Master’s) house with his parents, where both of his parents had become physically paralyzed. Rajendra was part of a lower caste that ... Read More

Luisa’s Story

January 20, 2020At 11 years old, Luisa joined the Tiempo de Paz this past January. She is a sweet and kind girl - described by her teachers as generally quiet and reserved.Read More

Willi’s Story

January 16, 2020At 8-years old, living in a suburban slum, Willi had never even been to school. When his mother left early each morning to clean people’s homes, he was left to ... Read More

Engaging the Community

November 29, 2019A young father named Jonas was  hired part-time last year to coordinate the lunch-time food program for primary students. As many of the students come to school hungry, the lunch ... Read More

Her Options are Few

November 20, 2019Meet Joy,a five-year-old girl living in a tough neighbourhood in Livingstone, Zambia, well known for illicit activities and drugs.Read More

These Children Need Our Help

September 23, 2019Meet Kibika, a hard-working boy both at home and at school. Kibika rides his bicycle to school every day.Read More
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