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The Amani school began in 2008 as outreach on the East African coast and is one of only a few primary schools where the language of instruction is English – essential to success in high school, where instruction is in English. The school is now ranked among the top 10% in the country. Currently, almost 300 primary children receive a quality education, meals, vocational training, and Christian mentorship. And as of January 2022, Amani will have a new High School, meeting a critical need.
Published January 11, 2022, 3 min read.

Halima is the child of a teen mom who had no high school to attend – and had few options for herself. She has high hopes for her son Nasir though, confident that Amani High School is the bridge to a brighter future for him.

Amani High School brings hope to children like Nasir.
Amani High School brings hope to children like Nasir.

In this remote, rural coastal area – often referred to as “the bush” – where Amani School already brings quality education to a community previously without any school at all, the new High School has finally been built! Construction was completed, down to the plumbing and electrical connections, in the last week of October. Many kids have been dropping out after grade 6 or 7 and many previously had no way to get to the public high school. But starting January 1st, 2022, the Amani Primary School kids will now have a High School* to help build what school administrator Sarah Isaac calls “a bridge to somewhere.”

*LATEST: February 1, 2022. After a delayed start, and some paperwork, we are happy to announce that the high school is now open!

*UPDATE: January 17, 2022. There has been a temporary delay in opening the high school in January as planned, due to a last-minute change of TZ government policy re: new school construction. Follow our Facebook posts for future updates.

The new Amani High School! Construction finished October 2021

Sarah was one of our special guests at the 2021 Virtual Gala. Her parents founded the Amani School – the nearest school had previously been 8km away. After Sarah completed her education, she came back to work at the school, seeing the need for it to thrive and grow for the sake of the community. In a remote area where it’s considered OK for a man to hit a woman if she leaves the house without saying goodbye, or burns dinner, Sarah serves as more than school administrator. She is a positive role model for girls and young women. She models that it’s normal for girls to get a proper education instead of dropping out in primary school, and then either getting married as a teen or working as a maid in the city. She can even show them that an education does not prevent them from getting married one day!

But even in the 14 years since Amani School was founded, things are changing. The local girls are being sent by their parents to Amani School – a sign that the community is changing and developing. “Our hope is that the children will continue in their education and will know Christ as their personal saviour”. Sarah tells us there is a cost to that, though. She told the story of her father, who converted from Islam to Christianity and faced many challenges. Working now in a primarily Muslim community, Sarah understands the challenges that the students can face – especially if they embrace Jesus after seeing His love lived out at Amani school. The team at Amani can demonstrate how a Christian community can be supporting friends. At the Gala, Sarah gave a warm thank you to the donors who support and pray for Amani School – making so many things possible that wouldn’t be, without your support; there’s the new High School opening in January, the Poultry Project, the Primary School, Sports Evangelism, and the Agriculture Project/Teaching Garden.

“The Lord Bless you. It’s not just a job – it’s my way of giving back.”

Sarah Isaac

Please pray for...

For the new Poultry Project here – where students will benefit both from nutritious eggs, and from small business training to equip them for future endeavors

The launch of the High School in January! Pray for the team as they work on the hundreds of little details involved in setting up the high school classroom and library.

For other new initiatives such as the Sports Evangelism program: for the leaders, community support, and success.