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About Burkina Faso

With a population estimated around 18.6 million, Burkina Faso is a sub-Saharan, French-speaking country in West Africa with a history of military coups and recurring droughts. According to UNICEF, about one in three children cannot afford to enroll in school. As a result, Burkina Faso has the third-lowest literacy rate in the world. Approximately 65% of the population is under the age of 25. When combined with high illiteracy rates and a high poverty rate, the Burkina Faso people face a daily struggle to survive.

Due to harsh geographic and environmental conditions ranging from severe flooding to extreme drought, it is challenging to grow food. Malnutrition affects over 1.5 million children, with around 350,000 children in need of emergency medical assistance. Human trafficking is also a growing concern, as vulnerable children are at risk of being forced to work as farmhands, street beggars, domestic servants, and sex workers.
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Partnering in Local Outreach

In the rural Gampela village, Pastor John Tandamba had the vision to provide impoverished children life-long education in a Christian context.

Located just outside the capital city of Ouagadougou, The Gampela Centre for Christian Education is a safe refuge where almost 400 vulnerable children now attend primary and middle school. At the heart of the Centre is Grace Evangelical Church. Another one of the church's ministries is a pre-school program that currently serves 315 children between the ages of 3 and 5.

The vision for the centre has grown, and today, the Gampela Centre is also operating a food program for students to combat malnutrition. The centre is also reaching out to families, providing literacy and skills training as a means to break the cycle of poverty, and is serving the community through a medical clinic.

Our Work in Burkina Faso

Support the Vocational Training Centre

In Burkina Faso, traditional education, while essential, overlooks the need for skilled tradespeople and professionals in many critical areas. Young people who do not attend university after school are often resigned to a harsh life of sustenance farming. By providing the opportunity for these children to learn a marketable trade, they will be given a chance to change their lives and those of their family members. Please help us build an expanded vocational training centre.
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School Food Program

It's hard to learn if you're hungry. That's why the Gampela School serves its primary and middle-school students a nutritious lunch! The lunch program has made an enormous difference for the majority of students who were going without a proper lunch. Hope story is seeking support to keep this program running for students in grades 6-9, which represents a recent expansion of the program beyond the younger students.
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A 7-Year Old Girl Walks 250km

November 5, 2020John encountered a mother, Elenne, and her three children, aged two, four, and seven. They had travelled 250 km by foot over 20 days after terrorists attacked their remote village. She shared that the terrorists killed her husband, and her 14-year-old son fled – she does not know where he is. The mother and her younger children survived only by handouts from strangers along the way.Read More

Rosalie’s Story

April 15, 2020Rosalie (“Rosa”) is in grade 7 at the Gampela School. When Rosalie’s parents were married, they traveled to the Ivory Coast in search of a better life. Rosalie and her siblings were all born there. Her father fell into alcohol addiction and became neglectful of the family. When things were not getting better, with pressure from Rosa’s mom, they returned to Burkina Faso. Read More

Engaging the Community

November 29, 2019A young father named Jonas was  hired part-time last year to coordinate the lunch-time food program for primary students. As many of the students come to school hungry, the lunch ... Read More
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