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Located just outside the capital city of Ouagadougou, The Gampela Centre for Christian Education (the "Gampela Centre") seeks to be a beacon of Christ’s love and light in its community. The Gampela Centre is providing Christ-centered education to vulnerable children in primary and middle school (J.K. - Grade 9), providing a nutritious lunch to students, and engaging in community outreach initiatives that seek to address many of the environmental and contextual challenges of the region.

Knowing children thrive with the support of a healthy community, the Gampela Centre is giving children who might otherwise never attend school, a safe space to learn and grow. The centre is simultaneously reaching out to the local community with a village medical clinic, vocational skills training and literacy classes, and with opportunities to hear the Good News. In addition, local leaders and pastors engage with one another and the community at the many conferences and seminars held at the centre.

The Gampela Centre aims to fulfil its mission statement of “transforming the community through Christ-centered education” through the realization of its program’s key goals:

• To provide basic, Christ-centred education to young people in the Gampela community to improve their ability to obtain employment and, thus, relieve their cycle of poverty;

• To train adults in various marketable skills to help them earn a living and provide for their families;

• To provide nourishment to combat child malnutrition and improve a child’s ability to learn;

• To provide a space for community worship among believers and for non-Christians so they may hear the gospel;

• To teach, encourage, and equip Christian church leaders throughout Burkina Faso by way of pastors conferences, seminars, and Bible school courses.

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Current Projects in Progress

Vocational Training Centre

A current priority of the Gampela Centre is the development of a full vocational training centre where students and young adults can learn skilled trades and other employable skills. In Burkina Faso and many other African nations, quality vocational education and training are sorely lacking. Emphasis is often placed on higher education at the university level. While this is important, it overlooks the need for skilled tradespeople and professionals in critical areas. Young people who do not complete high school or attend university after are often resigned to a harsh life of sustenance farming. By providing the opportunity for these children to learn a marketable trade, they will be given a chance to change their lives and those of their family members through meaningful employment and business opportunities.

Food Program Expansion

Based on the success of the food program for students at the primary level, the Gampela Centre is expanding its lunch program to serve students from grades 6-9. These older students often come to school without much to eat and thus struggle to maintain their focus during class. Therefore, the Gampela Centre has prioritized and now launched the expansion of the food program to these middle-school students. Hope Story is seeking continued support to maintain the operation of this expanded lunch program.

Latest News

A 7-Year Old Girl Walks 250km

November 5, 2020John encountered a mother, Elenne, and her three children, aged two, four, and seven. They had travelled 250 km by foot over 20 days after terrorists attacked their remote village. She shared that the terrorists killed her husband, and her 14-year-old son fled – she does not know where he is. The mother and her younger children survived only by handouts from strangers along the way.Read More

Rosalie’s Story

April 15, 2020Rosalie (“Rosa”) is in grade 7 at the Gampela School. When Rosalie’s parents were married, they traveled to the Ivory Coast in search of a better life. Rosalie and her siblings were all born there. Her father fell into alcohol addiction and became neglectful of the family. When things were not getting better, with pressure from Rosa’s mom, they returned to Burkina Faso. Read More

Engaging the Community

November 29, 2019A young father named Jonas was  hired part-time last year to coordinate the lunch-time food program for primary students. As many of the students come to school hungry, the lunch program is important for the childrens' nutrition and capacity to learn. Recently, given the need, the food program has been expanded to those in grades 6 to 9 as well. Support is needed to keep this food programs running for the students. Jonas has also been able to perform BMI assessments on the students to identify malnourishment concerns so that the identified children may be given the additional attention they ... Read More
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