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Creation of Hope offers support, a home, and access to education for orphans and vulnerable children in the small town of Kikima. Ruth Kyatha established a relationship with Eric Walters who advocated for the project in Canada. What started as the purchase of a few blankets has since grown into support for hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children.

Based on an assessment of local needs, the Creation of Hope program runs the following programs and initiatives:

The Rolling Hills Residence: A loving home to approximately 80 orphaned children with nowhere else to go.

Food & Household Needs: Offering necessary support to vulnerable or orphaned children still living in their homestead, with their remaining family or relatives. Distributing essentials to these families allows the children and their living loved ones to remain together.

Water Projects: While giving food and essentials is often necessary to avoid hunger and disease, giving water – along with tools – is an essential way to avoid the cycle of starvation.

Education: Whether a child is living in our Rolling Hills residence, or is living with surviving relatives, we value and support their education. Creation of Hope aids each child in achieving their dreams by guiding them through the highest level of education they are able to attain. We are currently supporting over 70 young Kenyans in high school, college, trade schools and university. In doing so, we are breaking the cycle of poverty for families and communities.

Communities Outreach: Recognizing the importance of supporting the communities in which the children live, Creation of Hope supports vocational programs, including a program for local women to produce and sell artisan products.

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Current Projects

High School and University Preparation Kits

Creation of Hope is committed to allowing vulnerable children to achieve their potential. Through determination, and the love and encouragement of caregivers, orphans are successfully entering high school and university, which often means preparing to attend school overnight. Students need special supplies to attend, and at the university level, this usually means a laptop with the required software.

Fun Fact: The first five orphan children to pursue post-secondary education through Creation of Hope became a banker, a teacher, an electrician, an auto mechanic, and a hairdresser. Each one is now successfully employed in the community and supporting themselves.

Graduation Kits

Most of the children supported through Creation of Hope are orphans, and when they graduate from high school or a post-secondary program, Creation of Hope seeks to provide them with everything they need to become self-sufficient. Graduates will receive rent and electricity support for 3 months while they seek to start a business or find a job, as well as tools specific to their chosen trade or profession. We currently need support for these graduation kits.

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