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About Nepal

Located in the Himalayas, and known for its rich cultural history, diverse geography, and Mount Everest, Nepal is a country of over 26 million people. However, while this country has worked hard to increase their economic output; political instability, poor infrastructure, devastating earthquakes in 2015, and recent flooding have impacted an estimated 680,000 vulnerable children. Food scarcity and limited access to water, sanitation, healthcare, and education has created a crisis in Nepal.
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Partnering in Local Outreach

SARA Ministries is our partner program in Nepal providing care for orphans and vulnerable children in the capital city of Kathmandu. Pastor Rajan and his wife Binsa began SARA Church with four members in a small rented room in Kathmandu City. Now, by God’s grace, the church has over 250 committed members and continues to grow weekly. The church is a hub of support for the orphans and vulnerable families. Pseudonyms have been used for security reasons.

Our Work in Nepal

SARA Ministries

SARA Ministries provides tuition fees, and other educational support for children in need. The project also provides a home for children who have nowhere else to turn.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

Thanks to the mentorship and dedication of many church members and guardians, several orphans or otherwise vulnerable children who were unlikely to attend school are entering into university in Kathmandu, while also mentoring the younger orphan children at the church and in their homes.
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