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SARA Ministries is an outreach program for children in Nepal that consists of a boys home, a girls home, and a community outreach program for children that cannot afford school. The outreach was initiated by Pastor Tej and a growing local church.

Pastor Tej grew up in an orphanage himself, having lost his mother at the age of five, and always had a heart for helping children in need. In 1997, after much prayer and seeking, Pastor Tej and his wife began SARA Church with four members in a small rented room in Kathmandu City. Now, by God’s grace, the church has over 250 committed members and continues to grow. In addition to this, Pastor Tej has shepherded new church congregations around Nepal.

Hope Story has come alongside Pastor Tej and the SARA community in their outreach to orphans and vulnerable families through SARA Ministries providing educational support for children that cannot afford to go to school.

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Current Projects

Post-Secondary Scholarships

SARA Ministries is helping orphan or otherwise impoverished children to attend post-secondary school. Among the children pictured, three of these children grew up in the SARA ministries orphanage home, and one lives in poverty with a single mother. Two of the children are studying social work, and two are studying business. "I want to help children in need, just as I was helped" said Gideon, a social work student pictured here on the far right.

Latest News

Sunil is Persevering

November 6, 2020In the photo below, standing in the back centre of the board with a checkered shirt is Sunil. He comes from a very poor family from west Nepal and does not know his father. His mother is an alcoholic and was unable to care for him.Read More

Rajendra’s Story

January 29, 2020Rajendra was found living in a landlord’s (or Master’s) house with his parents, where both of his parents had become physically paralyzed. Rajendra was part of a lower caste that ... Read More
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