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Home of Serengeti National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is well known for its natural beauty. Tanzania is a politically stable country, but economically it is struggling. A third of Tanzanians are living below the poverty line. Especially in rural areas, this poverty has severely affected children’s education. Our partner, the Amani School, is working to close the learning gap between rural and urban students, to prepare students with vocational skills that will serve them in adulthood, and to reduce malnutrition, while offering students Christian mentorship and and the opportunity to develop faith.
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Partnering in Local Outreach

The Amani School is an outreach to the Digo people of coastal Tanzania, in the small village of Pande. The School was established when a Canadian school teacher working with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) partnered with a pastor from the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT) to serve an area that has minimal access to education and limited church engagement. In 2008, the School was established as a kindergarten class under the shade of few palm trees. Amani has since added an additional class each year – as well as a concrete school building! Today over 300 children children from 11 surrounding villages receive quality education, vocational training, breakfast and lunch, and Christian mentorship from engaged and caring teachers.

Our Work in Tanzania


Building a High School

The Amani school is a true bright light in the community, with the school now ranked in the top 10% across the entire country including big city and private schools - an amazing achievement for this rural community known to be very behind in education. Help us continue the transformation for this community by helping us offer the students a quality high school education.
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Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

At the Amani School, children are served breakfast and lunch during the school day, and they’re served by teachers that double as social workers and Sunday school teachers – visiting kids at home, sharing the love of Christ, and mentoring their Christian walk.
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These Children Need Our Help

September 23, 2019Meet Kibika, a hard-working boy both at home and at school. Kibika rides his bicycle to school every day.Read More

Visiting the Children at the Amani School

July 23, 2019This May, I had the opportunity to travel alongside my grandfather, and long-time supporter of Hope Story, to the Amani School in Tanzania, Africa to visit his sponsor child.Read More
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