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The village of Pande in the Tanga region of Tanzania has, for decades, lagged behind the country in childhood education. Their neighbours have characterized the Digo community as uneducated - prone to alcohol abuse and material poverty. These difficulties are in the context of a country already recognized as poor. A recent survey performed by UNICEF concluded that 74 percent of all children in Tanzania suffered deprivation from three or more of the following necessities: nutrition, health, protection, education, sanitation, water and housing.

The Amani Primary School was thus founded in 2008 to meet the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of the Digo people. The project began as a partnership between a Canadian school teacher serving with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) and a local Tanzanian pastor/couple who established a church in the region.

Amani has now been active for over ten years and offers over 300 vulnerable children access to an otherwise inaccessible high-quality education. Today, based on national grade 7 examination results, the school ranks among the top 10% of all schools in Tanzania, including private schools and those schools in large cities.

Through the support of generous sponsors and contributors, Amani can offer this education, and a path out of poverty, to children in families with limited or no means. The school also operates a breakfast and lunch program to combat malnutrition and shares the Gospel through dedicated and caring teachers. Children also receive vocational training through specialized classes that provide essential life and business skills. Teachers take the time to visit the children at home, and to engage families, developing not only future leaders but a community of support and hope.

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Current Projects in Progress

New High School Build

The Amani school leadership, with the support of Hope Story, is currently planning a new high school building to offer high school education at the Amani School in Tanzania. This new initiative will ensure that the vulnerable students graduating from the Amani primary school can receive a quality high school education. For most of the students at Amani primary school, the cost and distance of attending high school elsewhere make it inaccessible. Furthermore, a lack of high-quality options in the region has spurred this initiative, which has been requested by countless local families for many years.

Rainwater Harvesting Solution

The Amani School needs a rainwater harvesting system as an alternative source of water. The tap water is not always available due to system reliability issues or city shut-offs for maintenance and tank cleaning, which means sending students home from school. To ensure access to sustainable clean and safe water at the school, and avoid potentially lengthy shut-downs, a rainwater harvesting system is required. This project will need two large water tanks to be purchased, installed, and properly connected to the school’s various taps.

Latest News

Mwalimu’s Story

November 6, 2020Mwalimu is five years old and in kindergarten at Amani. He is described as a happy boy at school, and he likes to play ‘cars’ with the other children outside. “They make cars out of bottles,” Sarah explained, “using the bottle caps as wheels.”Read More

Pendo’s Story

April 21, 2020This is Pendo. She is in senior kindergarten and started at the school this past summer (2019). Her parents own farmland about 15 km from the school. Life is hard for the family, and the production from the farm is quite low. Read More

These Children Need Our Help

September 23, 2019Meet Kibika, a hard-working boy both at home and at school. Kibika rides his bicycle to school every day.Read More
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