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About Zambia

Political stability, natural beauty and a fast growing economy- Zambia has a lot going for it. Sadly its economic growth has not benefited most Zambians: unemployment is rampant, over two thirds of Zambians live below the poverty line and AIDS has swept through this nation with devastating affects. This poverty and loss has made many children’s lives extremely vulnerable. Our partners are caring for orphan and vulnerable children’s physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.
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Partnering in Local Outreach

We’re partnering with Mongu Evangelical Church in Mongu and the Calvary Church, as well as the Livingstone Christian Centre (LCC) Church in Livingstone to provide hope for children and families within their communities.

Our Work in Zambia


Mongu Evangelical Church

Mongu Evangelical Church provides holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children with a focus on education. In 2009 they established Mongu Christian Academy for at-risk children ranging in age from 4-7 years old. They also provide school fees for children in the community that can't afford to go to school.
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Calvary Church

Calvary Church, located in Livingstone, provides assistance to at-risk families in their community. They established Village of Hope in 2003 to help orphans and street children who require emergency housing while more permanent housing is found. They and also distribute school fees for children that cannot attend school, and provide food packs to families suffering from malnutrition.
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Livingstone Christian Centre

The LCC Church provides physical and spiritual support to families in their community. Their church's 5-person missions team continues to identify the most vulnerable children as they travel throughout the city sharing the Good News of the Gospel. The church registers children for school that cannot afford to attend, offers food packs to malnourished children, and operates a reading program for children falling behind.
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Tapiwa’s Story

November 5, 2020Tapiwa is a 4-year-old girl who attends the preschool run by Calvary church, serving 45 children before COVID-19 forced its closure. She lives with six siblings and a single mother in a one-room unfinished house.Read More

Joseph’s Story

November 5, 2020This is Joseph. He is 11-years old and in grade 5. He has two sisters and one brother. His father is elderly and unable to work physically. The support of the church community has been essential to the family’s ongoing survival. Older brother Bernard (twenty-one) is the family’s only source of income – about $23 per month. This has to cover rent, food –everything. For this, he goes to the market and sells what he can of fried sausages, biscuits, and roasted groundnuts.Read More

Her Options are Few

November 20, 2019Meet Joy,a five-year-old girl living in a tough neighbourhood in Livingstone, Zambia, well known for illicit activities and drugs.Read More
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