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Calvary Church, located in Livingstone, provides assistance to at-risk families in their community.

Through the church's outreach, 109 impoverished kids are currently receiving school tuition scholarships. The majority of the children are between the ages of 3 and 10, but some youth are also being supported. For 65 of these children, this is the first time they have ever attended school.

The youngest children are attending a preschool established by Calvary church where dedicated teachers work with the children, and where the children receive a nutritious lunch. Due to malnutrition and dire circumstances at home, 30 of these children have been prioritized to receive food packs for their families.

By helping children to maintain their health, and receive an education through their formative years, the Church seeks to break the cycle of poverty for these children and their families.

The church also runs the 'Village of Hope' program, helping orphans and street children who require emergency housing while more permanent housing is found. These children live at the church and receive the love and care they deserve.

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Current Project Highlight

Preschool program

Calvary Church currently supports 53 impoverished children to attend a preschool program run by the church. The children also receive a nutritious lunch. The families of these children would be unable to afford preschool elsewhere, and therefore would enter the school system without any foundation. With up to 100 children per class in public schools, those without a foundation can easily be left behind and get discouraged. Offering these at-risk children a quality preschool education is an important aspect to helping them escape poverty.

Latest News

Tapiwa’s Story

November 5, 2020Tapiwa is a 4-year-old girl who attends the preschool run by Calvary church, serving 45 children before COVID-19 forced its closure. She lives with six siblings and a single mother in a one-room unfinished house.Read More

Joseph’s Story

November 5, 2020This is Joseph. He is 11-years old and in grade 5. He has two sisters and one brother. His father is elderly and unable to work physically. The support of the church community has been essential to the family’s ongoing survival. Older brother Bernard (twenty-one) is the family’s only source of income – about $23 per month. This has to cover rent, food –everything. For this, he goes to the market and sells what he can of fried sausages, biscuits, and roasted groundnuts.Read More

Her Options are Few

November 20, 2019Meet Joy,a five-year-old girl living in a tough neighbourhood in Livingstone, Zambia, well known for illicit activities and drugs.Read More
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