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Mongu Evangelical Church provides holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children with a focus on education. In 2009 they established Mongu Christian Academy.

Mongu Christian Academy is a preschool for at-risk children ranging in age from 4-7 years old. Preschool in Zambia is an expensive luxury very few can afford. As a result, many children enter school without knowing their basic ABC’s and 123’s and struggle in the classroom. By providing a quality preschool education the children are equipped with a strong foundation to begin their formal education.

In addition, the Church sponsored older children (7 years and up) in the community that cannot afford to attend school, registering the children and paying their fees.
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Mongu Christian Academy

In the mainstream education system, class sizes can be up to 100 students. Without some formation, a 7-year-old child entering grade 1 can easily be left behind. That is why the Mongu Christian Academy is essential to giving children the care and attention they need to begin their education, and ultimately to offer vulnerable children hope for their future and the chance to pursue their God-given potential.

Latest News

Tapiwa’s Story

November 5, 2020Tapiwa is a 4-year-old girl who attends the preschool run by Calvary church, serving 45 children before COVID-19 forced its closure. She lives with six siblings and a single mother in a one-room unfinished house.Read More

Joseph’s Story

November 5, 2020This is Joseph. He is 11-years old and in grade 5. He has two sisters and one brother. His father is elderly and unable to work physically. The support of the church community has been essential to the family’s ongoing survival. Older brother Bernard (twenty-one) is the family’s only source of income – about $23 per month. This has to cover rent, food –everything. For this, he goes to the market and sells what he can of fried sausages, biscuits, and roasted groundnuts.Read More
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