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Because there is hope for every child's story!
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We believe...

... that every child should be offered hope for their future, through the opportunity to learn, nourish their body, experience loving community, and pursue their unique potential in Christ. With 20 years of experience working cross-culturally, we believe the best way to serve vulnerable children is in partnership with local church communities that are empowering children in their journey out of poverty.
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Of the 2.2 billion children living on this planet, 130 million live as orphans. Millions more live on the edge of crisis – one step away from hunger, debilitating disease, or homelessness.

Pictured above is the Komu family, a child-headed household after the parents abandoned the children. The six kids, living in extreme poverty, and experiencing reported abuse, shared a single bed, and a small structure with a door falling off its hinges.

Through the support of Sponsors and Community Builders, the Komu children have been thriving. The children are safe, clothed, and well fed. Now being supported in school, they have some of the highest academic results! This is what real and tangible impact looks like.

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What Our Donors Are Saying

“It has been my pleasure to partner with Hope Story over the last few years to contribute to this exceptional organization. We’ve worked together to develop international events for our company with the proceeds supporting vulnerable children. We are proud of the work Hope Story does and look forward to many years of partnership ahead.”
Roy Neufert, Global Warranty, President & CEO
"Supporting Hope Story has been something we’ve remained committed to for many years because it’s an organization with vision, integrity, longevity, and results. Many of our staff have personally visited Hope Story partners around the world and have come face to face with the children and families and communities who directly benefit from the programs and supports they offer."
Randy Bird, Forest City Fire Protection, President
"I am proud to continue serving alongside Hope Story and I believe in its model - working to empower local church congregations and local leaders to transform their very own communities - to offer children pathways out of poverty. These local ministries are committed. Before Hope Story came alongside, they were already doing what they could to help orphaned and vulnerable children, truly demonstrating their heart for the poor, and their desire to live and share the hope of the Gospel."
Claire Carver-Dias, Clearday Communications, Olympic medalist, Hope Story Board Chair

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